Hello, and welcome to Tennessee Days, a lifestyle blog.


I’m a freelance writer, as well as a wife, mother, grandmother, and the main staff person for Cleopatra, the Tennessee Poodle.  While I come from generations of Tennesseans (dating back to the early 1800’s), I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta.  My husband, Dave, and I have lived in Texas and Alabama.  I often visited my Tennessee relatives, but I never thought I would end up living here.

No matter where we go, Tennessee is in our hearts.

Paris, 2014. No matter where we go, Tennessee is in our hearts.

Wouldn’t you know it?  In 1989, my husband was accepted into a Ph.D. program at Vanderbilt, and we also saw this as an opportunity to be part of a church that we love here.  After he received his doctorate, we lived for many years in Memphis.  We have been back in Nashville for over a decade, now, and we love it.  We’re full fledged Tennesseans.

Lest you think we bleed orange, though, I must tell you that our undergraduate years were spent at UGa and Mississippi State University, respectively.  One one beautiful day in fall, you may hear us shouting in unison, “Go Dawgs”!  Alas, we will mean two entirely different things by that phrase.

I have a BA in Journalism with a Magazine Emphasis from the Henry Grady College at UGA.  I have worked in public relations and have written magazine articles.  I also have authored a series of books inspired by the adventures of my Tennessee forbearers.  Check out my author page on Amazon.com.

I love my wonderful family, home, cooking, writing, books, and being outdoors.  Most of all, I love Jesus, who has shown me more grace and love than is imaginable.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Tennessee Days!  Come on in and sit a spell.  We’ll share a pitcher of sweet tea and some sweet southern sunshine!

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