Last Saturday, Doc Dave and I gathered with a group of friends to participate in The Escape Game Nashville.  This activity bills itself as the best escape game in America.  Lacking any experience to compare it with, I’d vote for it to take first place!


Thomas, who ran our escape game scenario.

What is an escape game, you ask?  Here’s how the website defines it:

1 : quite possibly the most exciting hour of your day, week, year. 2 : an exhilarating 60 minute experience ​working with a team to​ uncover clues, ​complete a mission and​ ultimately​ escape the​​ room. 3 : An hour spent in an immersive environment, unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

I found it hard to imagine ahead of time, exaclty what that would be like.  Once there, our staff guide, Thomas, explained everything so well that it was easy to catch on.

The company offers seven scenarios or rooms with a theme.  Our group chose the Underground Playground, which was set up as if it was a child’s classroom.  All around the room, we found clues and puzzles.  We happened upon a secret door, which led to another room of clues!  All the time, we had our eye on the clock, for you have 60 minutes to unlock mysteries leading to a final mystery, the solution of which gives you the key code to get out of the room.

Lest you fear that it might be claustraphobic to be in a room in which you spend an hour figuring how to get out of it, let me assure you that it’s not.  The owners have planned for every eventuality, including the fact that someone might need to take a break.  The hour goes by quickly, though, so I’d avoid having to miss any of the fun if at all possible.

Being a mystery and puzzle lover, I thought it was lots of fun.  Since you are working in a group, you don’t have to provide all of the brain power yourself.  In fact, it’s a great team building exercise, for cooperating instead of competing leads to the fastest way out.


You will need to schedule this activity ahead of time, and you will want to go as a family or in a group of friends. The operators do suggest that chldren be a certain age in order to get the most out of the experience.  One or two younger children with a group of adults would probably be fine.  I wouldn’t reccommend bringing a party of young children with only one or two adults.  It would be fantastic for families with middle schoolers through teens.

The game doesn’t take much physical stamina to play, so it’s perfect for someone with a chronic, invisible illness.





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