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F66E2A8D-DD16-40CD-9F9E-9A55CD177E82    Cleo, the Tennesse poodle, recommends these spots for the pooch around town:

  1.  I love it when my humans take me to Barkwood Dog Park, which is located at the back of Tower Park. Sponsored by Mars Petcare, Barkwood is divided into two separate play areas, one for dogs under a certain weight and one for larger dogs. That way, I can race around with pals just my size. It is always clean and grassy, and has handy water fountains for dogs.  Barkwood is located at Heritage Way in Brentwood.  It is just off the corner of Concord Road and I-65.
  2.  My second choice is the Edwin Warner Dog Park located off of Vaughn Road.  It is not divided into runs for smaller and larger dogs as Barkwood is, but, instead, it is one large, happy free for all.  It’s lots of fun, but, on crowded Saturdays, I do get overwhelmed wih all of the humans and dogs.   It is a popular spot!!  Since I am still a puppy, I might not be ready to hang with all the big kids. Just give me a few months. 🙂
  3. Third might be best of all, even though it’s not really a dog park and I have to stay on leash there. There is a road at Radnor Lake which is closed to car traffic and that offers  a beautiful stroll by the water.  It’s the perfect place to walk my humans and to meet up with all of my canine friends.  Enter from Otter Creek Road or Franklin Road.                                              🐾  Cleo




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