Stuck inside? In Tennessee, that’s no excuse for not having fun!

It happens to all of us at one time or another.  We’d love to get out and about, but circumstances won’t permit us to.  Perhaps, it’s the weather.  Maybe, it’s an illness. It could be simply that the body is too tired after a long week’s work or that you’re staying in to save funds.  Whatever the cause, you find yourself cooped up indoors and in need of some low key fun.

If that’s your situation, never fear.  Sticking to a Tennessee theme will provide you with lots of creative ways to pass the time.  Here are three ideas to get you started:

tennessee-flag public domain

  1.  Watch or re-watch great Tennessee movies.  Some ideas to get you started are the Last Castle (set in Kansas, but actually filmed at the old Tennessee State Prison), The Firm, Walk the Line, and the Blind Side.  Google a list of movies scened in Tennessee or made in Tennessee, and you might be surprised just how many there are to choose from.
  2.  Tennessee is all about the music, music, music.  Check out Spotify for some of your old Tennessee favorites or watch Music City Roots Live from the Factory to check out what’s new on the music scene.  Or, try out a music genre that you don’t normally listen to.  Sample classical or blue grass for example.
  3. Prepare a real Tennessee feast, complete with fried chicken (even hot chicken), corn light bread, and buttermilk pie.  Why eat out when you can replicate Grandma’s cooking in your very own kitchen?


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