Fun at the Farmer’s Market/Bicentennial Mall

rose at Bicentennial june 2015

Last Monday,  “Blossom” and I enjoyed a lovely day at the Farmer’s Market and Bicentennial Mall.  We got caught in a summer shower, purchased some lovely produce, had lunch, and splashed in the Bicentennial fountains.  Blossom was having so much fun that she didn’t want to leave for a much needed nap.

That was my first time to sample Music City Crepes, which is in the Farmer’s Market food court.

music city crepes

I didn’t realize when I was taking pictures of our plates how little of the crepes you can really see because of the foil.  I was snapping fast between caring for a nearly three year old, taking a few bites myself, and navigating a full food court.

At any rate, I enjoyed the food and will be stopping there again on some of my trips to the Farmer’s Market.  I recommend their crepe with  hummus, thinly sliced tomato, and spinach.  Yummy!  Our second crepe was a standard nutella and banana.  It was delicious, too, but then it’s hard to go wrong with nutella.

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