Where’s Mimi? Riverbend Nurseries.

2008 Lewisburg Pike (Hwy 431) Franklin, TN 37064 615-468-2008 – See more at:  Riverbend Nurseries.

Want to spend a pleasant Saturday morning surrounded by beautiful plants, birds, and nice people?    On a recent Saturday, Doc Dave and I found that Riverbend Nurseries fit that desire for us.


A quiet corner at Riverbend

We were in need of some extra plants for our front bed, so we decided to go for breakfast and, after, a lesiurely drive down the backgrounds to the Nurseries.

The plants there are laid out well, with signs to help you find what you were looking for, space to see them well, and plenty of staff on hand to answer questions.  The layout has the feel of a garden, so walking a round and choosing plants is as enjoyable as visiting a lovely park.


My honey!

I came home with a birdbath, as well as the plants that we needed.

I’m looking forward to my next trip!


In the azalea section.

It was fun to walk around among the other eager customers, who were filling carts with spring plants.  I saw one serious, young gardener in her wellies, jeans, full-sleeved shirt, and gardening hat.  She and her purchases inspired me to dream of being a master gardener one day.  Alas, I inherited my father’s love of plants, but not his green thumb or his dedication!



A little barn dedicated to bird feeding..

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