Restaurant Reviews (Where’s Mimi?)

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza...

Doc Dave and I were actually headed to McAllister’s for a fast food fix before doing a little shopping at T. J. Maxx, when we saw that the new Blaze Pizza franchise in Brentwood is open.  After nearly 34 years of marriage, I know that there are few foods in the world that my dear hubby loves more than pizza.  So, when I suggested that we give it a try, he was right there with me.

Blaze’s claim to fame is that the staff will make your pizza in 180 seconds using a system that passes it near an open flame.  They offer a variety of options.  You choose one and follow your pizza down the line while the workers add whatever toppings you have chosen.  Then, they pop it in the oven and call you the moment it’s done.  You don’t have time to sit down between the time that the pizza goes in the oven until it’s ready.  It’s hot, quick, and freshly delicious.

We went on a Saturday night.  The restaurant was crowded and the line was out the door, which meant that we had a little wait time on the front end.  Many people were getting their orders to go.  The clientele was mostly young singles and young families, though I did see a couple of mid-lifers, like me.   It’s not for when you want a quiet, leisurely pizza experience, but for when you want a lot of fun and energy.  I don’t know if the excitment will die down when it’s been operating for a little longer.  Nashvillians know that whenever something new in Brentwood/Franklin opens, it attracts super large crowds and then settles out to normal traffic.

Note that this is one of a chain of restaurants.  I’m definitely putting this on my go-to list for pizza, especially when headed Brentwood way. (Don’t worry, McAlister’s.  I’ll always be a fan of your tea and choclate covered rice Krispie treats.  You’ll see me again soon.)

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